SewQuiet 12-Coil Servomotor for Industrial Sewing Machine, 220V

$199.00 USD

The SewQuiet 6050SM servo motor(220V) stands out with its unique 12-coil design, offering unmatched power and torque for handling tough materials. It ensures precise stitching, allows a grounded light attachment, features UL/CSA certified components, and lives up to its name.

Product Details

The SewQuiet 6040SM brushless DC servo motor(220V) is the only servo motor to incorporate a full 12-coil (vs. 6 or 9) design. This provides unparalleled power and torque, the kind of torque that's needed to work with the toughest materials. Precision step-by step stitching for detailed sewing, the ability to plug in a grounded light directly to the rear of the motor, UL/CSA certified electrical components and the total silence that gives the SewQuiet its name… the new 6000SM takes everything we’ve learned about motors over the past 60 years to new heights.

- Utilizes a 12-coil design for increased torque for heavier work.
- Offers variable speed control for customizable operation.
- Digital Speed Control up to 6000RPM
- Built-in overload protection to prevent damage.
- Allows clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
- Includes a built-in light receptacle for added visibility.
- Optional synchronizer available .