Warranty repairs:

Please contact us if you are having any difficulties with your Reliable equipment at support@reliablecorporation.com. Many problems can be solved with some assistance.  Please provide the model number, serial number (if applicable) and the problem you are experiencing in the email.  We'll do our best to help.

Reliable products that are under warranty* and are found to be defective will be repaired by Reliable at no cost to the customer (certain parts may not be covered; check your warranty card for details).

Average in shop turnaround time for repairs is currently 5-7 business days.

For warranty repairs within the first year of receipt (original proof of purchase is required), Reliable will pay for both the inbound and outbound shipping.

For warranty repairs after the first year of receipt, we offer a flat fee pick-up via UPS. Let Reliable handle the paperwork, all you do is pack and ship. Flat fee in the Continental U.S.A. for 0lb-5lb is $17.95, 6lb-15lb is $29.95, 16-24lb is $39.95, and 25-50lb is $53.95. Please contact us for your flat pick-up fee in Canada.

* Please note that our warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, negligence, normal wear and tear or improper usage of the item. Reliable Corporation cannot be held liable for lost/damaged inbound items.

Non-warranty repairs:

Reliable offers repair services on equipment that is out of warranty. Please contact technical support with your questions. Please send your emails to support@reliablecorporation.com and provide the model number, serial number and the problem you are experiencing in the email.  We'll do our best to help.