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Industrial Sewing Machine Needles

Before you begin shopping for needles, make sure you first identify which needle system fits your sewing machine. Refer to your sewing machine’s manual to learn which needle system your machine requires. Match your system to your machine, then the point and size of the needle to the product you are sewing.

Reliable Corporation carries a wide variety of industrial sewing machine needles. All of our needles are brought to you by Groz-Beckert, a world-leading manufacturer. Sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert are always produced with the latest technology, maximum precision, and top-notch quality.

If you are unsure of what type of needle you need, reference our helpful guide located at the bottom of the page. If you are unable to find the specific needle that you are looking for, feel free to call one of our experienced professionals or send an email to parts@reliablecorporation.com

Reference Guide

Choosing Your Industrial Sewing Machine Needle

For the best sewing results, you’ll want to use the right needle for the job. But how do you choose with hundreds of options and countless variations? Reliable Corporation has put together the following information in order to help you gain a better understanding of industrial sewing machine needles, and guide you towards the right option for your sewing job.

Needle Selection - 3 Basics

When you are choosing a sewing machine needle, there are primary aspects that you should focus on:
Needle System, Point/Type and Needle Size

Identify your needle system

Your needle system is determined by your sewing machine. For instance if you are sewing with Reliable 200ZW you will require the needle system 135 x 17.

Determine your needle point

You will need your point based on the type of fabric you are sewing. Round points are the most common needle points. However, if you were working with leather for instance, you would opt for a triangular point.

Decide the size of needle

Use a smaller needle size for lighter fabrics and a larger needle size for heavier fabric. A good rule of thumb is to choose the smallest size needle that will pierce your fabric easily.

Reliable Sewing Machines & Their Systems

If you are looking for the correct system for your Reliable Sewing Machine, please see the chart below:

Table 1 - Reliable Machines_Systems.jpg__PID:8d00634b-d04b-418b-978e-36a59895b310

Groz-Beckert Point Styles

There are different needle points within each needle system. So let’s say, for example, your walking foot sewing machine uses 135x17 needles. These needles are normally fine but when it comes to sewing leather, you find that the needle is making large, untidy holes in the material. This is because you’re sewing with a regular point needle when you need a leather point needle. Luckily for you, we supply many different needle points to help you get the job done. Here is a list of some of the different needle points that we supply and their applications:

Table 2 - Point Styles.jpg__PID:00634bd0-4b81-4b97-8e36-a59895b31006

Needle Sizes & Fabric Types

Sewing machine needles sizes are determined according to both the American and/or European system of sizing. Generally both numbers will be given. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the smaller the number, the finer the needle. In addition, the finer the fabric, the smaller the needle size needs to be, to reduce the stress on the fabric.

Table 3 - Needle Sizes.jpg__PID:634bd04b-818b-478e-b6a5-9895b310066e

The Anatomy of an Industrial Sewing Machine Needle

A sewing machine needle looks simple but has many different parts to perform different functions whilst sewing.
The shankis the part that seats into your sewing machine; the flat side usually goes towards the back, and the rounded side towards the front. Some specialty needles may have a completely round shank.
The shaft is the part of the needle that tapers down from the shank.
The groove runs in the front of the needle to the eye. The thread is seated securely in this groove when the needle penetrates the fabric. You can feel the groove by passing your fingernail over the front of the needle.
The eye of the needle is where the thread passes from the front to the back. Different types of needles will have different types of eyes. The scarf is located on the BACK of the needle, and is a smooth indentation behind the eye. You can easily find the scarf with your finger.
The scarf is where the hook passes to pick up the top thread from the needle to pass it around the bobbin to create a lock stitch, and can be shaped differently on various types of needles.
The point is the first part of the needle to penetrate the fabric. Different types of needles will have different points engineered to work best with specific kinds of fabrics.

Anatomy of a Needle.jpg__PID:4b818b97-8e36-4598-95b3-10066efc14d2

Needle Style Types

There are two separate types of industrial sewing machine needles: Straight needles and curved needles. Straight needles are used for chain stitch and lockstitch machines while curved needles are used for blind stitch machines.

Point Styles

Sewing needles are available in various point styles. This variety is needed to meet the requirements of different materials. Basically, point styles are divided into cloth points (round points) and cutting points.

Don’t see the correct needle for your sewing job? Contact one of our experienced professionals today!

With so many different needle systems in the marketplace, we have narrowed our online selection to those that are most common. If you require a different industrial sewing machine needle, connect with one of our agents who will be happy to assist you.

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