The Longboard 350LB

The Longboard 350LB



Extra Large 19.5" x 52" Pressing Surface for Handling Large Items with Ease

7 Step Height Adjustable from 30” to 38” for Customized Comfort

Vera Foam Memory Foam Cover Pad for Enhanced Pressing Experience

Dual Wishbone Legs for Enhanced Stability

Conex Heat-Resistant Zone for Safe and Effective Ironing

Convenient Rectangle Storage Pocket, Ideal for Storing All Your Ironing Essentials

Sturdy Tube Frame Construction Ensures Durability

Removeable Iron Rest for Convenient Placement

Proudly Made in Italy for Unmatched Quality

Backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty for Peace of Mind


Product Dimensions 63" x 19.5" x 4"
160 x 49.5 x 10cm

Box Dimensions 61" x 20" x 3.9"
155 x 51 x 10cm


Cover material Cotton

Locking system Latch hook

Iron tray dimensions 14" x 11"

Pressing dimensions 19.5" x 52"

Weight 25lb

Warranty 10 year limited

Country of Origin Italy


The Longboard Rectangular 52" x 19.5" Iron Board with Verafoam Cover

If you’ve been thinking of a larger ironing surface, but you don’t require the added flexibility of our two-in-one 320LB, we are pleased to present the all new 350LB - one piece extra large (Longboard) ironing table. The 350LB is perfect for quilters, ironing linens, curtains, crafting and pretty much anything else where an extra large surface will be a benefit. This is a board made without compromise. It was designed to provide maximum stability and features to make pressing less work.

Included is our latest Verafoam technology ironing cover set which incorporates advanced memory foam technology to make ironing easier with the best results possible. A Conex® heat resistant zone at the end of the cover allows you to safely place the steam iron on the table cover… saving you and your wrist the added movement of securing the iron after each press. On top of all the other advanced features from this handmade in Italy table, we also include a retractable storage bag for your notions and other accessories.

Verafoam Memory Foam Cover Set

Our in-house product development team has introduced a memory foam technology that is breathable, light weight, and delivers the smoothest ironing experience.