Steam Cleaning

Goodbye Chemicals, Hello Steam!

What’s more natural than water? With chemicals present in our day-to-day lives, steam is the natural, toxin-free and environmentally friendly method of getting things clean. With temperatures that reach up to 140°C, our steam cleaners uses the combined power of water and heat to sanitize and clean simply and efficiently.

No Environmental Impact

Using only tap water eliminates plastic waste such as bottles and no fumes are released into the air. No more soap or other chemicals down the drain either!

No Chemicals

All you need to do is add water and you can start steaming everything around your home, indoor, and out. Clean your windows, carpets, upholstery, cars, outdoor patio furniture, and even your BBQs.

Children & Pet Friendly

Clean plastic toys with confidence, knowing your child won't be inhaling harsh cleaning chemicals. Instantly disinfect surfaces that your children and animals come in contact with.

Tested to Disinfect & Sanitize

Steam cleaning kills 99.99% of bacteria. This includes E.coli, Staph bacteria, Salmonella, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other dirty things lurking around the house.