Professional Steam Iron Without Hose and Fittings 1.8 kg, 120V

$159.00 USD

The Reliable 2000IR: ideal replacement iron for Lowboy steam/electric irons. Compatible with systems using a solenoid steam release valve. Features 32 steam chambers, 7' electric cord, ETL listing, and operates at 120V.

Product Details

The Reliable 2000IR iron, designed as a replacement for Lowboy steam/electric irons, seamlessly integrates with ironing systems featuring a solenoid steam release valve. Boasting 32 steam chambers, a 7' electric cord, ETL listing, and 120V operation, it ensures efficient and reliable performance.

- Patented 32 Separate Steam Chamber for Super Dry Steam
- 1.8m Electrical Cord
- Designed for Right or Left-Handed Operation
- Professional Cork Handle for Comfortable and Ergonomic Grip
- Aluminum Soleplate for Efficient Ironing Performance
- Proudly Made in Italy for Exceptional Quality
- Optional 2000IA Professional Ironing Shoe Sold Separately