Tandem Pro Commercial Steam Cleaning System with Vacuum & Commercial Steam Mop

$4,599.00 USD

The Tandem Pro 2000CV: ultimate commercial steaming system—cleaner, extractor, wet/dry vacuum. Made In Italy, it combines advanced tech and design for powerful steam cleaning. Ideal chemical-free option for commercial surfaces, with the choice of using a non-toxic degreasing detergent. Enhance with the 2000CVMOP steam-only mop for specialized floor cleaning without vacuum-extraction, creating a dynamic duo for tackling any floor surface.

Product Details

The Tandem Pro 2000CV is the total package, the ultimate commercial steaming system. It's a steam cleaner, steam extractor and a wet/dry vacuum, making it a perfect all-rounder for professional cleaning needs. Made in Italy, it combines leading edge technology and design to deliver the power of steam. The 2000CV is an ideal chemical-free alternative for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces encountered in commercial cleaning settings yet has the option of using a non-toxic degreasing detergent, making it the ultimate commercial cleaning machine.

To our already impressive Tandem Pro 2000CV we add the new 2000CVMOP steam only mop. For applications where steam only floor cleaning (without vacuum-extraction) is a priority, the 2000CVMOP is an easy to use, easy to maneuver mopping dynamo. Together with the 2000CV there’s really no floor surface that you won’t be able to tackle.

- 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner and Vacuum for Fast and Efficient Cleaning
- 5L Water Capacity with 2L Detergent Tank for Optional Degreasing
- Convenient Steam and Degreaser Volume Control
- Extended Reach: 15.4 Ft Extra Long Power Cord
- Powerful Steam Cleaner with 87 PSI / 6 BAR Steam Pressure
- Germ and Bacteria Elimination: Kills 99% of Germs and Bacteria
- Extended Reach: 9 Ft Steam Vacuum Hose
- Comprehensive Cleaning Kit: 24 Piece Accessory Kit Included
- Proudly Made in Italy for Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship