Chainstitch Sewing Machine with Direct Drive

$2,299.00 USD

The 4900SC single needle chainstitch machine, featuring advanced Direct Drive technology, is perfect for applications requiring the elasticity of a chainstitch. With the elimination of the sewing belt, it offers precise speed control, needle positioning, and allows even beginners to sew like professionals.

Product Details

The 4900SC single needle chainstitch machine is ideal anywhere you need the elasticity of a chainstitch (vs. lockstitch). It is equipped with our advanced Direct Drive technology. Direct drive eliminates the need to ever replace the sewing belt, provides better speed control and positions the needle in the down position to save time and allows even the novice to sew like a pro.

- Equipped with a direct-drive motor.
- Stitch Dial Regulator provides a simple adjustment (1.4 – 4 mm) for the length
- Looper Thread Guide included.
- Built-In LEDs for enhanced visibility.
- Includes UberLight Flex Sewing Light
- Ships fully assembled, tested, and sewn-off
- Includes a high-quality stand and table top.