Maestro Portable Blind Stitch Sewing Machine For Hemming

$349.00 USD

Meet the Maestro 600SB portable blindstitch hemmer – a powerful performer for your home workshop, tailoring, or dry cleaning workroom. Don't be fooled by its size; we've packed in everything you need. Save time hemming pants, skirts, and dresses with the skip stitch feature, perfect for finer materials

Product Details

The Maestro 600SB portable blindstitch hemmer is quite the performer. Do not let its size fool you. We have pulled out all the stops to give you everything you need for your home workshop, tailoring or dry cleaning workroom. Save time hemming pants, skirts and dresses. The skip stitch feature allows you adjust the stitching so important for finer material. The penetration dial quickly adjusts from all types of light to medium weight fabric.

- Portable for easy transport and use.
- Features a needle eye guard for added safety.
- Adjustable stitch penetration.
- Can hem up to 3 inches.
- Equipped with a skip stitch lever.
- Includes a full accessory kit for comprehensive use.