Direct Drive 3/4 Thread Serger/Overlock Sewing Machine - Fully Sub

$1,499.00 USD

Whether you call it a serger or an overlock, the 5400SO direct drive, two-needle, 3/4 thread machine guarantees a satisfying experience. It operates quietly and smoothly, with no worries about oil leakage due to its precise modern construction. Crafted with precision and passion, the 5400SO is ideal for a variety of woven and knit fabrics, ranging from light to medium weight.

Product Details

Is it called a serger or an overlock? Whatever you want to call it, the 5400SO direct drive two needle, 3/4 thread is going to put a smile on your face. How? This machine is quiet and operates smooth as butter. Oil leaking? Fuhgeddaboudit. These new machines are made to a tolerance that was impossible 10+ years ago. Made with precision and passion, the 5400SO is perfect for all kinds of wovens and knits, from light to medium weight fabrics.

- Equipped with a direct-drive motor.
- Offers differential feed to allow for sewing stretchy (knit) fabrics.
- Includes digital speed controls.
- Provides automatic lubrication.
- Comes with an UberLight Flex Sewing Light.
- Ships fully assembled, tested, and sewn-off by Reliable Technician.
- Includes a high-quality stand and table top.