High Speed Zig Zag Sewing Machine with Direct Drive

$1,499.00 USD

Meet the 2500SZ, a high-speed self-oiling zig-zag sewing machine with a top speed of 2500RPM. Its large hook excels in applique, decorative stitching, and medium to heavy work. Equipped with Direct Drive Technology, it eliminates belt replacement, provides precise speed control, and makes sewing easy for novices.

Product Details

For the speed demons that need more juice than a traditional 20U style sewing machine, the 2500SZ is our newest high-speed self-oiling single-needle zig-zag sewing machine. Its 2500RPM top speed and large hook make it perfect for applique, decorative stitching, and medium to heavy work. The 2500SZ is equipped with our advanced Direct Drive Technology. Direct drive eliminates the belt (so there is never a need to replace it), provides superior speed control, positions the needle in the down position to save time, and allows even the novice to sew like a pro.

- Achieves high-speed zigzag stitching, reaching up to 2500 RPM.
- Features a side-load bobbin.
- Equipped with a direct-drive motor.
- Digital Speed Control
- Includes a high-quality stand and table top.
- Comes with an UberLight Flex Sewing Light.
- Ships fully assembled, tested, and sewn-off by Reliable Technician.
- Undergoes a rigorous 10-point reliability check.