4in Octa Round for 1500FR Cloth Cutting Machine

$189.00 USD

Reliable 1500FR fabric cutter handles single-ply to 1-inch cuts, perfect for sample making. Its octagonal blade with carbide tip and spring-loaded lower blade prevents jams. Lightweight design and thin base plate offer ease of use for novices and pros alike.

Product Details

The Reliable 1500FR can cut from a single ply of fabric right up to 1on high, making it a very versatile, easy to use lightweight machine. Perfect for sample making or other light-duty operations. The combination of the octagonal blade, with carbide tipped and spring loaded lower blade, prevents the fabric from jamming. An extra thin base plate and light die cast design make the 1500FR a pleasure to operate from the novice to the pro.

- Equipped with a powerful AC motor.
- Features an automatic sharpener.
- Includes a knife guard for added safety.
- Utilizes a carbide-tipped counter blade for precise cutting.
- Boasts an extra-thin base plate for enhanced cutting accuracy.
- Provides a side knife guard to ensure safety during use.