Vivio™ Professional Garment Steamer with Fabric Brush

$179.00 USD

For over 20 years, Vivio has been the trusted name for clothing retailers. Featuring a 1300W brass heating element to prevent mineral build-up, a safety-enhanced wrap-around housing, and a robust PVC steam head, Vivio sets the benchmark in garment care for professionals.

Product Details

For over 20 years, Vivio has been the name that clothing retailers have trusted. A professional steamer is only as good as its components. To prevent mineral build-up, the most important part is the heating element and for this, we exclusively use our 1300W brass heating element. For safety, we include a wrap-a-round housing that prevents the bottle from falling off. Add a PVC steam head that is 2x the thickness of our closest competitor and you will see why Vivio is the benchmark in garment care.

- Heats Up in Under 2 Minutes for Quick Operation
- Impressive 120-Minute Run Time for Extended Use
- Reaches a Steam Temperature of 194°F at the Head
- Features Brass Element and Fittings for Commercial Durability
- Fabric Covered Super-Flex Steam Hose for Flexibility
- Extra-Thick PVC Steam Head for Enhanced Performance