Walking Foot 5400SW

Walking Foot 5400SW



Foot height adjuster permits you to raise and lower the walking foot.

Features a drop-in bobbin for heavier materials.

SewQuiet Servomotor with Synchonizer

Optional 1/4" Roll Edge Guide

Includes UberLight Flex Sewing Light

Ships fully assembled, tested, and sewn-off

Includes a high-quality stand and table top.


Head Dimensions 30" x 7" x 10.5"
76.2 x 17.8 x 26.7cm

Pallet Dimensions 48" x 40" x 40.5"
121.9 x 101.6 x 102.9cm


Stitch Length 0 - 9mm

Needle Bar Stroke 36mm

Needle System # 135 x 17

Work Space 18" / 45.7cm

Foot Lift 8mm

RPM 1800

Electrical 110V / 120V 60 Hz


18" Long Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine

The feature and performance packed 5400SW single needle, compound feed sewing machine with 18” bed is perfect for all types of medium to heavy weight leather, canvas and synthetic material. And with its top loading large capacity hook it’s easy to add a binder attachment on the slide plate. The 5400SW has the added advantage of having an automatic oiling system, plus a safety clutch, 16mm foot lift, stronger thread tension assembly and the #1 SewQuiet servomotor.


The Right Tool for the Right Job

A good quality chair is indispensable for comfortable and supported sewing sessions, particularly during extended periods of sewing. This is why the Reliable SewErgo line of sewing chairs is a perfect choice.


Quality You Can Count On

Before shipping each Reliable sewing machine is put through a thorough 10-point quality control procedure with a master technician to ensure that it exceeds our exceptional quality assurance guidelines.