Barracuda 200ZW

Barracuda 200ZW


Work Space 7" / 17.8cm

Foot Lift 8mm

Warranty Limited 3 year

Electrical 110V / 120V 60 Hz

Features a built-in speed reducer.

Equipped with a heavy-duty carrying handle.

Includes a carrying case and a magnetic sewing light.


RPM 800

Stitch Length 0 - 6mm

Stitch Width 0 - 5mm

Needle System # 135 x 17

Work Space 7" / 17.8cm

Weight 47 lbs / 26kg

Warranty Limited 3 year


Barracuda Deluxe Zig Zag With Craftsman Kit

The Craftsman Kit with Cuda Case and 120TL LED puts together an essential package for sailing and sewing enthusiasts. Designed and made for boat owners and hobbyists, the 200ZW is ideal for medium to heavy-weight sewing jobs. With a stitch quality comparable to an industrial machine, even 8 layers of Sunbrella Plus is no match for the Barracuda. With top and bottom feeding, it produces a perfect, even stitch, even when sewing over challenging materials.

Walking foot sewing machines work best for medium to heavy-weight material.  It is not suitable for thin fabrics used to produce masks or gowns.

* The 220V model does not come with a plug and will need to be wired.