Complete hose and PVC steam head for the Vivio 500GC garment steamer.

5GCHSHHC PVC Steam Head with Hose for Vivio 120GC and 500GC

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Our Vivio steam hose is made with the type of care that you would expect from a Vivio professional steamer.  We start with our proprietary Super-Flex™ steam hose, which is soft and pliable right out of the box. There’s no “break-in” period needed, just connect and away you go. Each Vivio steam hose is supplied with a durable woven polyester fabric covering. Using steam is a great tool for de-wrinkling clothes… touching a too-hot steam hose is a thing of the past. Our PVC steam head (with optional brush) is made to last with high quality PVC that’s made to last. And of course the fittings are all 100% brass (plated) to ensure a proper steam seal and extra long life without the risk of cracking.