5GCHSMHHC Metal Steam Head with Hose for Vivio 550GC

5GCHSMHHC Metal Steam Head with Hose for Vivio 170GC and 550GC

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Our Vivio steam hose is made with the type of care that you would expect from a Vivio professional steamer.  We start with our proprietary Super-Flex™ steam hose, which is soft and pliable right out of the box. There’s no “break-in” period needed, just connect and away you go. Each Vivio steam hose is supplied with a durable woven polyester fabric covering. Using steam is a great tool for de-wrinkling clothes… touching a too-hot steam hose is a thing of the past. Our metal steam head with a cool-touch contoured wood handle is designed to get up to 180F (82C) to give you the extra steaming power that a hotter surface can provide. And of course, the fittings are all 100% brass (plated) to ensure a proper steam seal and extra long life without the risk of cracking.