2-in-1 Premium Home Ironing Board with Verafoam Cover Set and Conex Heat Zone

$319.00 USD

The 320LB is the world's first 2-in-1 home ironing & pressing table, combining a stable ironing board and an extra-large work surface for quilters and sewists. Handmade in Italy with traditional construction, it features a galvanized metal mesh screen and comes with the advanced Verafoam ironing board cover, offering a breathable memory foam material with a CONEX heat-resistant zone up to 400F.

Product Details

The 320LB is the worlds first and only 2-in-1 home ironing & pressing table. It isa great, super stable ironing board for tackling the toughest ironing tasks as well as a LONGBOARD to provide the ideal extra-large work surface for quilters and sewists. Hand made in Italy, we use traditional tube-frame construction and a galvanized metal mesh screen so your investment will last. The 320LB includes our new Verafoam ironing board cover that has a CONEX heat resistant zone and is our most advanced cover yet. The cover has a breathable and lightweight memory foam material combines with the CONEX heat resistant safe zone for temperatures up to and over 400F to deliver the perfect ironing experience.

- Extra Large 19" x 47.5" Pressing Surface for Skilled Ironing
- Includes Long Extension (55" x 19") for Expanded Pressing Area
- 7 Step Height Adjustable from 30” to 38” for Customized Comfort
- Vera Foam Memory Foam Cover Pad for Enhanced Pressing Experience
- Dual Wishbone Legs for Enhanced Stability
- Conex Heat-Resistant Zone for Safe and Effective Ironing
- Convenient Laundry Rack for Organized Garment Storage
- Sturdy Tube Frame Construction Ensures Durability
- Ergonomic Iron Rest for Convenient Placement
- Proudly Made in Italy for Unmatched Quality
- Backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty for Peace of Mind