8" Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

$1,099.00 USD

The 6000FS excels in medium cuts up to 7in, featuring a low center of gravity for easy handling and the industry's best power-to-weight ratio. With a 0.65 hp motor and 1 - 1⁄2in cutting stroke, it's the top choice for power and performance.

Product Details

The 6000FS is your best choice for medium size cuts up to 7in. It’s designed with a low center of gravity or ease of handling and features the best power to weight ratio in the industry. The 6000FS is the popular choice where power and performance are the top priority. Equipped with a 0.65 hp motor and a 1 - 1⁄2in cutting stroke, the 6000FS will handle all but the toughest cutting jobs.

- Equipped with an automatic sharpener.
- Sturdy carrying handle.
- Convenient oil level indicator for monitoring oil levels.
- Large and stable base plate for enhanced stability.
- Safety guard for added protection during use.