4" End Cutting System With Track & Lifter

$1,399.00 USD

All-inclusive: 4in cutting head, 96in track with lifter set, uprights, and fabric bar. Effortless operation - roll out material, power on cutter, and guide along track. Ideal for collaborative cutting or solo use with included conversion kit for one-person operation.

Product Details

Everything you need is included. A heavy-duty 4in cutting head, a 96in track with lifter set and uprights with a piece goods bar for your roll of fabric. Simply roll out your material, turn the cutter head on, and using the handle push the cutting head along the track. It’s that simple. If you are using two people to cut, one on each side of a cutting table, chances are the 7000FE is the right machine for you. Everything you need to convert to a one-person operation is included.

- Features a built-in manual sharpener.
- Powered by a high-speed electric motor for efficient cutting.
- Utilizes a carbide-tipped counter blade for precision.
- Equipped with a telescopic handle for adjustable height.
- Includes a wide 96" cutting guide for large cuts.