Brio Plus 5 Bar Steam Cleaner with Continuous Steam & 22 Piece Accessory Kit - Refurbished

$399.20 USD $499.00
The Brio Plus 400CC is a premium grade, home, and light commercial steam cleaner. With a 5 bar pressure rating, the 400CC is incredibly powerful. The 400CC has two steam power settings and a 22 piece accessory kit to make easy work of homes and anywhere else where you’ll need to clean with the efficiency of chemical free cleaning.

The tank is made of high-grade stainless steel, eliminating the chance of rust and contamination of the water supply. The external element is an excellent conductor and delivers an even heat dispersion inside of the tank. There is no need to worry about the right type of water again. The Brio Plus is designed to work perfectly with normal tap water.
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