Vivio™ Plus Professional Garment Steamer with Fabric Brush

$289.00 CAD

Enhancing our iconic 1st generation, the Vivio 500GC combines the best of the Vivio 120GC with new innovations: a lower center of gravity, a water bottle for easy sink filling, a sleek steam head with a removable yoke, a comfortable hose covering, and a detachable hanger. With a PVC steam head 2x thicker than competitors, the Vivio 500GC is a reimagined garment steamer.

Product Details

How do you improve on an icon? For us, bettering our 1st generation was a tough task. But our designers did not disappoint. We took all of the good stuff from our Vivio 120GC and added some things we wished we had thought of years ago. A new shape with a lower center of gravity, a water bottle that fits into a commercial sink for easy fill, a sleek steam head with yoke for easy removal, a hose covering to make it more comfortable to handle, and a removable hanger. Add a PVC steam head that is 2x the thickness of our closest competitor and you will see why Vivio 500GC is the garment steamer reimagined.

- Heats Up in Under 2 Minutes for Quick Operation
- Impressive 120-Minute Run Time for Extended Use
- Reaches a Steam Temperature of 194°F at the Head
- Features Brass Element and Fittings for Commercial Durability
- Fabric Covered Super-Flex Steam Hose for Flexibility
- Extra-Thick PVC Steam Head for Enhanced Performance
- Removable Hanger for Convenient Garment Placement
- Easy Roll, Non-Skid Wheels for Smooth Mobility
- Easy-Fill Tank Designed for Convenient Refilling in the Sink