Task Lighting

Illuminate Your Workspace with UberLight!

Crafted to deliver precise illumination tailored for diverse tasks, our lighting not only enhances functionality but also elevates the aesthetic with its modern and sleek design, adding a sophisticated touch to any workspace. Whether engrossed in reading, writing, or enjoying the soothing notes of your favorite record, UberLight lighting curate an optimal environment, seamlessly blending style and functionality to redefine your workspace experience.


Lumens is a measurement of how much light your particular fixture emits. When your light source emits a low lumen level, it will leave you with a headache and in the long run, can damage your eyesight. When you are buying a task light, a good range to look for is 400-600 lumens.


While lumens measures the total amount of light emitted by your fixture, Lux is a measurement of the
light that is directed to your work surface. For very detailed tasks (e.g. painting, detailed drawing, sewing, crafts, and beauty treatments), an illuminance lux level of 2,000 - 4,000 is recommended.

Efficacy (Lumens/Watts)

Watts is the amount of energy required for light production. Efficacy is a measurement of lumens per watt. It is calculated by dividing the total lumens by wattage consumed. The higher the efficacy number, the more efficient the product. Typical efficacy rating for an LED light is 90. The UberLight™ Flex efficacy rating ranges from 100-300.


Color Rendering Index (CRI) is related to color temperature. The CRI is a measurement of how accurate colors will look under a particular light source and is measured on a scale of 1-100. A high CRI rating indicates that the light source is better at rendering the true colors of an object. When shopping for task lights, look for a CRI rating of 80 or higher. Reliable’s UberLight™ Flex models all have a CRI rating of above 80.