Professional 1.4L Steam Iron Station

$799.00 CAD

The 3000IS, our Italian-made, all-stainless-steel ironing station. With a substantial 1.4L boiler tank and a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar, it offers 2 hours of efficient, dry, pressurized steam. This method accelerates fiber softening, ensuring a flawless press for a crisp, clean finish. Ideal for daily use, the 3000IS empowers home users with the tools needed for professional results.

Product Details

The 3000IS is our entry into the world of all stainless steel, Made in Italy ironing stations. It has an overall 1.4L boiler tank with a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar, delivering 2 hours of steam time. Dry, pressurized steam is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing, allowing the fibers to be softened quicker to get that perfect press. This creates the crisp and clean finish required by discerning users. The 3000IS will provide the home user the tools to do all of your ironing, day in, and day out.

- Up to 36 PSI / 2.5 BAR Steam Pressure
- Energy-Efficient Design: Eco Mode for up to 33% Energy Savings
- Enhanced Safety with 4 Safety Systems
- Extended Steam Operation: Up to 2 Hours Continuously
- Equipped with Professional Steam Iron with 1.8M Steam Hose
- Patented 32 Separate Steam Chamber for Super Dry Steam
- Proudly Made in Italy for Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship