The Board Vacuum & Up-air Pressing Table

$849.00 CAD

The 500VB with vacuum and up-air ensures professionals achieve a clean, crisp finish. Vacuum removes moisture for dry ironing, perfect for shirts and creases. Up-air is ideal for delicates, preventing impressions or crushing the nap.

Product Details

The 500VB with vacuum and up-air provides the tools that professionals count on. Pressing without vacuum leads to a damp ironing surface, making it impossible to get a clean, crisp finish for your garments. The secret to great finishing is to keep the ironing table dry by removing the moisture from the fabric. Use vacuum for pressing a shirt or putting in a crease, while up-air (blowing) is great for delicates, removing the risk of leaving an impression or crushing the nap.

- Extra Large 16" x 48.5" Pressing Surface for Skilled Ironing
- Height Adjustable from 28.5" to 37" for Customized Comfort
- Vacuum Function for Faster Pressing Results
- Up Air Functionality is Ideal for Delicates, Eliminating the Risk of Impressions or Nap Crushing
- Heated Surface Keeps Surface and Clothes Dry During Steaming and Pressing
- Convenient Laundry Rack for Organized Garment Storage
- Foldable Iron Rest for Easy Storage and Accessibility
- Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty for Peace of Mind