Tandem Pro Commercial Steam Cleaning System with Vacuum

$5,599.00 CAD

The Tandem Pro 2000CV: ultimate commercial steaming system—cleaner, extractor, wet/dry vacuum. Made In Italy, it combines advanced tech and design for powerful steam cleaning. Ideal chemical-free option for commercial surfaces, with the choice of using a non-toxic degreasing detergent.

Product Details

The Tandem Pro 2000CV is the total package, the ultimate commercial steaming system. It's a steam cleaner, steam extractor and a wet/dry vacuum, making it a perfect all-rounder for professional cleaning needs. Made in Italy, it combines leading edge technology and design to deliver the power of steam. The 2000CV is an ideal chemical-free alternative for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces encountered in commercial cleaning settings yet has the option of using a non-toxic degreasing detergent, making it the ultimate commercial cleaning machine.

- 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner and Vacuum for Fast and Efficient Cleaning
- 5L Water Capacity with 2L Detergent Tank for Optional Degreasing
- Convenient Steam and Degreaser Volume Control
- Extended Reach: 15.4 Ft Extra Long Power Cord
- Powerful Steam Cleaner with 87 PSI / 6 BAR Steam Pressure
- Germ and Bacteria Elimination: Kills 99% of Germs and Bacteria
- Extended Reach: 9 Ft Steam Vacuum Hose
- Comprehensive Cleaning Kit: 24 Piece Accessory Kit Included
- Proudly Made in Italy for Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship