Blind Stitch Sewing Machine with Direct Drive

$1,999.00 CAD

The all-new 7200SB with direct drive technology sets the industry benchmark for excellence in productivity, durability, and stitch quality. With skip stitch and adjustable stitch penetration, you can fine-tune it for hemming anything from fine silks to medium-weight woolens.

Product Details

Frame drop or plunger drop type? For a new machine, this is the main question. After 35 years in the frame drop camp, we can confirm that the plunger drop system is vastly superior, especially for today's light microfiber fabrics. The all new 7200SB with direct drive technology is the sewing industry benchmark for excellence when productivity, durability, and stitch quality are your requirements. Skip stitch and adjustable stitch penetration allow you to fine tune from fine silks up to medium weight woolens.

- Quick Release which allows for swift and easy fabric removal
- Perfect for hemming light materials
- Needle positioner feature for adjusting home position.
- Easily adjust needle penetration depth with the stitch setting dial
- Equipped with a direct-drive motor.
- Ships fully assembled, tested, and sewn-off by Reliable Technician.
- Includes a high-quality stand and table top.
- Comes with an UberLight Flex Sewing Light.