Flat Bed Cover Stitch Sewing Machine with Direct Drive

$2,599.00 CAD

The 2100IF flatbed coverstitch machine with Direct Drive technology offers 2 or 3 needle options for hemming or cover seaming, eliminating belt replacement, providing precise speed control, and featuring user-friendly elements like an easy-to-thread looper, leak prevention, material release mechanism, and safety guards.

Product Details

The 2100IF flatbed coverstitch machine with advanced Direct Drive technology provides the flexibility of using either 2 or 3 needles for hemming or for cover seaming. Direct Drive means there is no more belt to replace and you get the most accurate speed control to fit every level of sewist needs. With easy to thread looper, no stain seal to trap and prevent oil from leaking, built-in release mechanism to allow for easy removal of the material and an eye and needle guard for your safety.

- Allows for the flexibility of using 2 or 3 needles for hemming or cover seaming.
- Features a No-Stain Seal.
- Offers differential feed for sewing stretchy (knit) fabrics.
- Equipped with a direct-drive motor.
- Includes UberLight Flex Sewing Light
- Ships fully assembled, tested, and sewn-off
- Includes a high-quality stand and table top.