Pronto Portable Steam Cleaning System with 8 Piece Accessory Kit

$99.00 CAD

The Pronto 200CS handheld steam cleaner stands out for its rapid 30-second heat-up time, making it ideal for quick and efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces. Its powerful and portable design eliminates bacteria, mold, and odors using only water as the cleaning agent. With an 8-piece accessory kit, it's equipped for various cleaning tasks, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Product Details

The Pronto 200CS handheld steam cleaning system stands out with its fast heat-up technology, reaching optimal temperature in just 30 seconds. This innovation ensures you can swiftly tackle hard-to-reach surfaces without any delay. Its powerful and portable design not only makes cleaning efficient but also eliminates bacteria, mold, and odors. The environmentally friendly feature of using only water as the cleaning agent adds to its cost-effectiveness. The best steam cleaning methods include the use of superior quality accessories. The Pronto 200CS includes an 8-piece accessory kit allowing you to tackle any cleaning job.

- Powerful 6 Bar Pump Ensures Steam Cleaning Power
- Rapid Heating: Heats up in Less than 30 Seconds
- Continuous Steam with Fill on the Go Technology for Uninterrupted Operation
- Germ and Bacteria Elimination: Kills 99% of Germs and Bacteria
- Effective Cleaning and Disinfection: Steam Tip Temperature of 215°F
- Extended Reach: 6m Power Cord for Flexible Usage
- Dual Functionality: Steam and Scrub Simultaneously
- Organized Accessory Storage: Includes Accessory Storage Bag with 8-Piece Accessory Kit