Cordless Cloth Cutting Machine with 2 Batteries and Charger

$349.00 CAD

Cordless control. The 2000FR 4.3in fabric cutter, powered by a battery-operated servomotor, handles single-ply to 1in cuts. With 5 speed settings, it's ideal for sample making. Comes with two 14.8V lithium batteries and a charger for a 2-hour runtime.

Product Details

Cordless control. The 2000FR’s battery-operated powerful servomotor can cut up to a single ply of fabric right up to 1in high, making it a very versatile, lightweight machine. With 5 speed settings, the 2000FR is perfect for sample making or other light-duty operations. The 2000FR includes two 14.8V lithium batteries and a charger with an optimal 2 hour run time between charging. The 200OFR’s 4.3in high-speed steel (HSS) blade is optimal for cutting. With an extra thin base plate and light design, the 2000FR is a pleasure to operate.

- No More Cords!!
- Features a powerful servomotor for efficient performance.
- Equipped with an automatic sharpener.
- Provides a front knife guard to ensure safety during use.
- Boasts an extra-thin base plate for enhanced cutting accuracy.
- Includes a front light for improved visibility during use.