Powerful Steam Mop with Rapid Heat Technology for Quick Heat Up

Quick Release Scrubber with Nylon Bristles Designed for Tackling Tough Stains and Grout

Kills 99% of Germs and Bacteria

Over 25 Minutes of Continuous Steam

21 Ft Power Cord with Wrap Around Feature

Ergonomic Handle with Micro Switch and 180° Swivel Head for Easy Maneuverability

Removable Water Tank and Anti-Scale Cartridge for Easy Maintenance

Includes 2 Machine Washable Microfiber Pads for Reusable Cleaning

Carpet and Fabric Glide for Various Surfaces


Electrical 110V / 120V

Steam Tip Temperature 215°F / 100°C

Water Capacity 350ml

Wattage 1200W

Power Consumption 13 amps

Net Weight 2.9 lb / 1.3 kg

Shipping Weight 10.8 lb / 4.9 kg

Warranty Limited 1 Year

Certified Refurbished

Reliable Refurbished Products. Save Big!

Why Refurbished Products?

Like many other retailers, Reliable Corporation gets returns: perhaps someone tried the product and it wasn’t for them, or maybe the trip out was particularly rough during shipping and the unit sustained minor dings and blemishes that are cosmetic only and do not affect functionality . These units are returned back to our head office and put through a refurbishment process. Afterwards these products are available for purchase at a substantial savings, MOST with the same warranty as a new product!


Product Returned


Cleaned and Evaluated




Tested for Quality Control


Repackaged and Labeled as Refurbished


Sold as Refurbished

The Process

Upon receiving the product, each Reliable Corporation refurbished product undergoes a thorough visual inspection and operational testing to determine its condition. Any non-working parts are replaced. The unit is then cleaned, tested, repackaged, including all the appropriate accessories and documents. Each product’s refurbished process differs, but upon completion, the unit is performing like-new and ready for its new home.

Reliable Refurbished Product FAQ

Is the Quality of Reliable Refurbished Products Guaranteed?

Yes. Reliable promises you that every refurbished product is tested thoroughly and that the quality of refurbished products is the same as new products.

How Can I Buy a Reliable Refurbished Product?

Refurbished products are available here. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of a refurbished product you saw online, please contact us.

Are Refurbished Products Covered by Warranty?

Yes, every Reliable refurbished product includes a one-year warranty.

How Can I identify a Refurbished Product?

Reliable refurbished products will be labeled with a sticker to certify that it has completed the refurbished process and is ready to sell. You will also see on your receipt upon purchase that the product was sold as a refurbished unit.

What Should I Expect When I Purchase a Reliable Certified Refurbished Product?

Aside from a substantial savings, you will receive a fully functional product with complete documentation and accessories (if applicable).

What are Reliable Certified Refurbished Products?

Reliable Certified Refurbished Products are pre-owned Reliable products that undergo Reliable's stringent refurbishment process before being offered for sale. While only some units are returned due to technical issues, before we put a Reliable Certified Refurbished product up for sale, it undergoes a rigorous process to make sure it meets Reliable's high standards.

Can I return a Refurbished Product?

Yes, a refurbished product can be returned within 30 days of receiving the product. If the product has been used during this time, a 20% restocking fee will be applied.