Dash Portable Garment Steamer

$49.00 USD

Introducing the Dash 150GHB a powerful, lightweight garment steamer with a ceramic soleplate for pressing touch-ups. Perfect for refreshing morning blouses or giving sports jackets a quick once-over, the Dash is your wardrobe's new best friend. With advanced micro-pump technology, it delivers beautiful dry steam that safely and effectively penetrates fabrics.

Product Details

The Dash 150GHB is a powerful, easy to use and lightweight garment steamer with the added functionality of a ceramic soleplate for pressing touch ups. Whether you need to freshen up your morning blouse or give your sports jacket a good once over. The Dash will be your wardrobes new best friend. Our advanced micro-pump technology means your garments will see beautiful dry steam that will penetrate the fabric safely and effectively. And it can be refilled while in use. Just add water!

- Heats Up in 30 Seconds for Quick and Efficient Use
- One-Touch Operation for Continuous Steam Release
- Powerful Steam Pump for Effective Wrinkle Removal
- Ceramic Soleplate for Smooth and Even Ironing
- Travel-Friendly Design for On-the-Go Convenience
- Steam Ready Light Indicates When the Iron is Ready for Use