Professional Vacuum Pressing Table with Sleeve Buck

$2,399.00 USD

The 6200VB Professional Ironing Board, featuring a heated work surface and a powerful vacuum motor, enhances efficiency and delivers long-lasting, professional results in less time. Ideal for dressmakers and tailors, the 0.8 h.p. vacuum motor quickly extracts moisture for a crisp, finished garment. With included swing arm with heated sleeve, exhaust chimney, silicone iron pad, iron cord support, and dual pedals for convenient operation from either side.

Product Details

The 6200VB Professional Ironing Board with a heated work surface and a powerful vacuum motor. Our built-in vacuum and heating element for the pressing surface and sleeve arm will increase your efficiency by giving you long-lasting, professional results in no time. The 6200VB has the ideal shape for dressmakers and tailors. Its powerful 0.8 h.p. vacuum motor quickly extracts the moisture from the fabric leaving you with a crisp, professionally finished garment. A swing arm and heated sleeve buck is supplied as is an exhaust chimney for the air, a silicone iron pad, an iron cord support, and two pedals so it can be operated from either side. The main pressing surface has an external thermostat control to select the correct temperature.

- Vacuum and Heated Surface for Commercial Pressing and Ironing Results
- Powerful 0.8 h.p. Vacuum Motor for Faster Results
- Heavy-duty Swing Arm with Heated Sleeve Buck for Pressing Inseams and Sleeves
- Adjustable Thermostat for Heated Surface
- Convenient Operation with Foot Pedals Usable on Either Side
- Organized Storage: Covered Storage Shelf
- Includes Ironing Pad and Cord Support for Added Utility
- Proudly Made in Italy for Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship
- Requires a 20 Amp Receptacle for Proper Operation