Maven 1L Home Ironing Station with 3X Longer Steaming

$179.00 USD

Introducing the Maven 125IS, a cutting-edge iron station. Boasting a 1L tank, it offers 3X longer steaming than traditional irons. The micro-pump technology ensures rapid heat-up in under a minute, while the 6 bar pump pressure, digital controls, anti-scale filter, and ergonomic design make it the ultimate steam iron solution.

Product Details

The Maven 125IS is a new generation of iron station that is fast and easy to set up for a quick pressing job, yet provides unlimited ironing when it is needed. Equipped with a 1L tank, the Maven 125IS delivers 3X longer steaming experience than a traditional iron. The 125IS is technology breakthrough is the micro-pump technology that allows for super fast heat up time in less than a minute. Equipped with 6 bar pump pressure, easy to use digital temperature controls, replaceable anti-scale filter and ergonomic design, the Maven 125IS is the perfect steam iron solution.

- 1L Removable Tank Delivers up to 3X Longer Steaming
- 4 Temperature Settings for Precise Control and Versatile Ironing Options
- Digital Temperature Control for Precise Ironing Settings
- 6 Bar Pump Pressure for Powerful and Effective Steam Output
- Ceramic Soleplate for Smooth and Efficient Glide
- Iron Lock Feature for Easy and Secure Carrying
- 10-Minute Auto Shut Off for Safety and Energy Efficiency
- Replaceable Anti-Scale Cartridge for Prolonged Durability