Velocity Auto Control Compact Vapor Generator Steam Iron with Auto Shutoff Bypass

$179.00 USD

Packed with features, the Velocity Auto Control 270IR offers an ultimate ironing experience with a sensor steam handle and 8 pre-programmed settings. Its patented built-in steam generator ensures endless continuous steam without leaks, using a unique 2-heating element and micro-pump technology to pre-heat water, providing perfect constant steam even at low temperatures.

Product Details

The Velocity Auto Control 270IR is full of features including the sensor steam handle and 8 pre-programmed settings that put you in control to give you the ultimate ironing experience. The Velocity 270IR has a patented built-in steam generator produces endless continuous steam with no leaks. While traditional irons are prone to leaking and spitting, the Velocity irons use a patented 2-heating element and micro-pump technology that pre-heats the water and turns it into steam before it reaches the soleplate. The Velocity 270IR iron will give you perfect constant steam at even the lowest temperatures, yet are 100% safe for all fabrics.

- Compact Vapor Generator Produces Endless Steam with No Leaks
- Sensor Steam Handle for Intuitive Control
- Eight Temperature Settings for Versatile Ironing
- Anodized Aluminum Soleplate for Durable Performance
- Auto Shutoff Bypass for Enhanced Safety Features
- Bypass Auto Off Feature for Continuous Operation as Needed
- 360° Swivel Cord for Flexible and Tangle-Free Operation