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Our Roots: Steam Cleaning


We strive to be industry leaders in all areas of our business and are determined to provide the most innovative product in terms of technology advancement. Reliable steam cleaners for commercial use are known across North America for their dependability and our service is second to none when it comes time for repairs. Yes, we have people on the end of the phone-line or via e-mail that will address any and all questions regarding steam cleaners!

Here's a condensed list of the types of industries/businesses that utilize our commercial steam cleaning units:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement homes
  • Building services and supply
  • Sanitation supply
  • Schools
  • Cruise ships
  • Dental labs
  • Jewelry design studios and stores

We supply Dental labs, Jewelry design studios, building services and supply contractors, hospitals, retirement homes, schools restaurants in Canada and the United States with steam cleaners to take on the ever increasing demand for environmentally sound, yet effective cleaning solutions. Our development of in-home steam cleaning solutions takes a page from the equipment performance expectations of the pros! High quality accessories, and high temperature vapor steam are a Reliable signature throughout our steam cleaning lines. From commercial use to family cottages, there's a Reliable steam cleaning solution for you. With a little imagination you can truly clean nearly every conceivable surface with the sanitizing power of steam.

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