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Our Roots: Sewing


Reliable has lived and breathed every aspect of sewing machines since Milton Kahn started the business more than 6 decades ago. Quality control, expert service and advice are just a few of the things that make Reliable the leading commercial sewing and garment care manufacturer in North America.


Sewing machines may not have changed much in the last 30 years, but the motors that drive them have changed dramatically. The Sewquiet DC Servomotor is a new generation of clutch free motors, with more torque, yet perfectly silent when sitting idle.


Involvement with professional associations like the WCAA (Window Covering Association of America), allow Reliable to stay front and center and in touch with the needs of sewers with a diverse and ever changing range of equipment needs. The development of specialty machines such as the Barracuda (for sail making and upholstery repair) are an example of how Reliable adapts awareness of these changing needs into effective equipment solutions.


Despite the fact that the North American garment trade has changed dramatically over the years, we have adapted and expanded our operations as we continue to thrive based upon the family-owned business principles established from the beginning. We continue to serve commercial sewing professionals with machines of all types and continue to be industry leaders in the development of new technology.

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